The audio streaming & artist tools platform. is a new community designed to bring you the tools and platform to better grow your following.

what is

Right now, the music industry is going through turbulent times. For the first time ever, you don't need a label. In fact, you don't need anyone except yourself, a sound, and a platform.

However, all of this DIY has made the business of music very difficult. You have to be your own manager, your own QA, your own PR, your own everything. There are services out there which have tried to make these things easier, but these services stack up costs for most cash-strapped artists.

So we've decided to build an ecosystem of everything that the modern, self-sufficient artist needs: a community to upload and share their music; a place to organize and promote; a place to connect and learn; a place to sell their work and content; a place to make a career. We'd hesitate to say that we will change the music industry, but we’re sure that the artists using our service will.


audio streaming

We provide a community for creators to share their podcasts, tracks, albums, demos, and voice recordings in high-quality. Our focus on audio quality allows us to provide better sounding audio streams without increased bandwidth usage. Free users may upload up to six hours of audio, with their content available in 128kbps Opus quality. Members of our premium plan, pro, can enjoy unlimited uploads and make their tracks available in 320kbps.

artist tools

Since we are building an ecosystem of services to help artists and industry, we have concentrated on making artist tools that are worthy of complementing our audio streaming offering. Some of these tools allow customization of your brand and identity on track pages, your profile, and playlists. Other services which we are polishing include track credits, electronic press kit (EPK) generators, and a powerful email-based pitch system which will help artists get their music into the hands of hundreds of potential promoters, playlisters, or labels.


While it's not necessarily a direct feature of, our community is one of the primary value incentives of being on our platform. Dozens of artists and labels use to discover and connect with new talent, find new music, and share their content with the world. Our team also is heavily involved in the community, and we regularly publish features, playlists, and highlights from the platform. From time-to-time, we have digital events which feature artists on the platform.

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